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Standard lyseblå

* Special light blue bed linen is well suited for use in the hospitals, elderly homes, etc. Where it is necessary to wash at a high water temperature so that color of the bed linen is maintained

* Bed linen fabric: 110x62/35x35, 130 g/m2, 55% cotton/45% polyester
* Colour: blue
* Vat dyed - can be washed at 90 degrees
* Bed linen shrinkage in washing and in heavy use approximately 10% from the lenght (depending on the equipment and temperature used in the laundry). Shrinkage in width about 3%

* All products meet OEKO-TEX 100 standard

Washing instructions:

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Pudebetræk 52*62 cm lysblå

11,4 DKK+moms/st
Reference: VPLB1
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Lagen 160*280 cm lysblå 1-per.

56,0 DKK+moms/st
Reference: VPLB2
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